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How to Use

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how to use

Masks should be used as a complement to the recommended protection and hygiene measures and the rules of social distancing, fundamental for the control of COVID-19.

The use of a mask requires various precautions to be taken before, during, and after fitting to ensure that it offers the best possible protection.
Mask protection is only guaranteed if you observe the following cleaning and care instructions.
The mask should be stored in a dry and potential protected environment.

Lave as mãos

Hygienise your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based solution before putting on the mask.

face da máscara

Placing the mask with the inner face facing the face, and the outer face facing out.

Ajustar máscara

Adjust the rigid end of the mask to the nose, covering the mouth, nose and chin with the mask, making sure there are no spaces between the face and the mask.


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Do not touch the mask while it is in use; if this happens, the hands should be washed immediately.

It is recommended to wear the mask for a maximum of 4 to 6 hours per day and in the case of reusable masks, these should be washed after each use.

Se acidentalmente molhar a máscara deve trocá-la por outra bem seca logo que possível.

The mask should be removed from the back (not touching the front of the mask), holding the ties or elastics.

At no time should the mask be kept around the neck for reuse.

Further hand hygiene should be done at the end of use and handling of the mask.